Twitter Launches Blue For Organization With Square Profile Photos

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Twitter is launching Blue For Business, a new variation of Blue Verified designed to identify brand accounts from individual accounts.

In addition to a gold checkmark, Blue For Business comes with a square profile photo and the capability to connect any affiliated Twitter accounts.

When service accounts designate their associated accounts, such as individual Twitter accounts of employees, the affiliate gets an additional badge next to their validated checkmark.

The image at the top of this page reveals an example of a Twitter staff member’s account, which has a blue checkmark and a badge with Twitter’s logo.

In a post, Twitter offers various examples of how brands can utilize Blue For Service:

“By developing this connection, we’re making it possible for services to produce networks within their own companies– on Twitter. Organizations can affiliate their management, brands, assistance manages, workers or teams. Reporters, sports team gamers or motion picture characters can all be affiliated. You name it, we got it. Each affiliate will be verified and officially connected to their moms and dad manage based on a list offered by the parent organization. We will share any new criteria, pricing or procedure as we update them.”

No matter how Twitter attempts to spin it, there’s little doubt that Blue For Service is designed to sell more memberships.

If your brand and its affiliates are at danger of impersonation on Twitter, having actually everyone validated and connected under the exact same moms and dad account could be rewarding.

Nevertheless, without additional information, it isn’t easy to measure this service’s value to companies.

To that end, we don’t understand just how much it will cost businesses, as signups aren’t open yet.

Twitter is piloting Blue For Services with select accounts and will make the service broadly available next year.

Source: Twitter
Included Image: Screenshot from, December 2022.